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Kumbhalgarh,a place less known,less exploited by human activities and entirely administered by the Mother Nature welcomes you with arms wide open. Beautiful Aravalis standing tall seems as if the Mother Nature is pouring out all its love and that’s for you,no one else. Serene beauty of the place will make you fall in love with it.Plan out a picnic day in Kumbhalgarh which will make your heart feel simply happy.

Monsoon is the best time to visit Udaipur’s unexplored country side. Earlier, we had explored the beauty of Kumbhalgarh, this time we went to see another eye-catching picnic spot, Kumbhalgarh.

Kumbhalgarh is located in the southern west part of Udaipur district. Fully surrounded with mountain valleys and small green hills it gives a spectacular view of wonderful scenery.No one can quantify beauty of Udaipur just by its lakes and palaces.There is much more to see outside the city.


What is so special ?

On the way to Kumbhalgarh you will come across more than half a dozen small villages, natural water falls from adjacent mountains, lush green farms and grazing cattle in the fields. If you have never seen a typical village life then look at the farmers working in the fields and kids playing with their handmade toys. Everything is so simple, pure and natural that it will detach you from the world you came from. It is a complete new world.

Finally, when you will reach Kumbhalgarh village you still need to carry on driving for 5 kms ahead till the road will take you to a small beautiful river flowing underneath. That’s the first picnic spot where you can make a halt and enjoy your time.

If you decide to move further then go slow till you see a small man-made dam like structure on your left, get down of your vehicle and start walking towards rocks on your right side, mind it because there is a water fall coming in your way. That’s your second picnic spot.Unfortunately there is no comfortable place to sit but if you love water then probably this is the best place to get some real natural shower.



→Take all necessary items with you including food, water, some extra clothes and a first aid box as well.
→Don’t get into the water if you don’t know swimming, even if you know swimming be cautious.
→Plan out picnic with friends and family, there is no sense of going alone.
→Be nice with villagers, they are very friendly but they don’t want strangers to disturb their lifestyle.
→I am sure you will definitely love this place; being a nature lover, this has become my favorite picnic spot.

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